Well, I like to paint. That is basically it. 

I like to others as well, rather obviously. My passions are capturing every facet of colour in between the light and the dark of life. 

To try and hit that objective, I pace the streets, photograph interesting shades of colour, scribe words on paper to lighten - or darken - the tone and then, throw some paint at it all. 

I want my work to be layered, to mean something, to engage the eyes and stimulate the mind. To make the viewer curious to go deeper. I find true mental health in indulging the consciousness in layers of colour, what they mean and how the brush needs to represent the feeling and intention. Each painting is accompanied by a poem specifically written and tailored to the work.

I create collective bodies of work and also bespoke commissions on request. Just drop me a line/message and we can go from there. It is always, always, a pleasure to engage in a new project. 

Take care, AC


©2020 by Adam Castledine