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Adam Castledine is an abstract painter residing in the Somerset Peninsula of Brexit Britain.  

When asked to comment on his abstract style which has drawn comparisons to Dulux and Ronseal, Adam noted: I paint. 

It has been his use of colour and the written word which has most drawn in and engaged critics and further critics alike. Once known for painting with his two daughters, Adam ditched the partnership upon hearing that not one piece of work had ever made it to a fridge door. 

Now settled on a solo venture, Adam’s signature style is to lock himself away in a kitchen, ape his inner Coleridge and then paint on a table that splits down the middle with artistic regularity; providing both physical injury and a casual reminder to invest in a table that doesn’t split. 

Influences may well include Howard Hodgkin, Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat but, the most prominent influence of Adam’s work has always been the window for which Adam has been known to look through. 

Regularly known to state ‘bonjour’ at the wrong moment in conversation, Adam proudly states: I derived the top banana emoji usage. His copyright claim is yet to be determined, potentially even submitted.

You can find Adam’s work at a variety of global establishments and galleries with dependable Wifi when you type in this very IP address into your browser.

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